A responsible approach

From as far back as 1985 to the present day, our leitmotif has been the concept of “giving new life”.

Originally founded as a company for the production of regenerated plastic materials, Geribaldo Polimeri has continued to accompany its top quality production with a part of high quality regenerated material derived from carefully selected industrial waste in the sector of rotational moulding.

Even greater commitment has been dedicated to the creation of totally recyclable materials under the name of Hexell. With the need to offer an alternative to reticulated PE and metallocene – expensive materials, difficult to work and with high environmental impact – we produced FT 4293. This has been tested for containing petrol and diesel and is completely ecological. To the Hexell series we have added other materials with the same characteristics but for different applications, like AG393 for agriculture, UR 4093/6093 to contain diesel and AdBlue, as well as SC 3093 to contain chemicals.

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