Essential in every sector

Meeting our clients’ needs is made possible through the vast range of products we offer and our technical support in choosing the final application.
The versatility of our products, which allows us to be a flexible and reliable choice of partner, gives our clients the chance to establish their business in different sectors:


This is the mainstay activity supplied by our company.
Our materials are used for manufactured products like cisterns, atomisers, tanks and components for various industrial machines.

I prodotti Gerbaldo Polimeri in campo agricolo


Gerbaldo Polimeri supports the automotive sector by supplying special materials with high performance properties for moulding tanks and fuel or chemical containers.



We supply materials for the building industry for moulding containers for holding, transporting and treating water, and we work with the industrial chemicals sector making tanks and chemical containers.

Photo by kind permission of Astro Srl – Industrial Containers



Moulded products manufactured using our materials are used in public contexts like hospitals and other health centres.


Our materials can be recognised in children’s toys, outdoor as well as indoor furniture and design objects.

photo by kind permission of Newgarden Spain S.L.

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