The passion and determination which have marked the company from the outset have made us grow into a dynamic, flexible and up-to-date business. We will continue to have a forward-looking approach in the future, investing in research and development through our competent and qualified laboratory team, working openly with our clients and passing on our passion and values to the next generations


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The company, with the name Rigerplast, was founded in 1985 by the Gerbaldo family. Having limited resources and a modest structure at their disposal, they began their activity of recycling plastic materials and the production of polyethylene granules of high and low density, as well as polypropylene, for the sectors of film, packaging, extrusion, blown plastics and injected moulding, intended for the Italian market. Over the years the company invested its financial, human and technological resources, through gradual specialisation, in the production of granules obtained from compounds of materials from selected industrial trimming waste, or from virgin polymers.
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This year was a turning point for the company, which decided to diversify its activities further by setting up the production of natural and coloured powders for the masterbatch sector, textiles and rotational moulding. From this moment on, the company was opened up to exportation of its own base materials abroad, broadening its client portfolio and consequently increasing its staff.
Photo by kind permission of Verzellesi Srl - rotational moulding


In 2003, due to the need for space and the rapid growth of the business, a new HQ was built with a floor area of 20,000 m2 on a footprint of 3,000 m2. This allowed the company to invest in new machinery and to satisfy their clients’ requests more quickly. Furthermore a modernisation of the commercial side was effected, leading to the name being changed to Rigerplast Polimeri and to the fitting out of a new internal laboratory.

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In 2010 the company definitively changed its name to Gerbaldo Polimeri Srl and further improved the quality of its products with the help of the internal laboratory equipped with state-of-the –art apparatus. Moreover having specialised in the development of colours it could offer both its Italian and foreign clients the opportunity to personalise materials more than ever before, and satisfy the demands of the market very quickly.
Photo by kind permission of MODULMET – Gerbaldo Polimeri material Hexell for Cicare fuel tanks



Gerbaldo Polimeri is now established as a prime figure in the sector of plastic material processing, with a broad portfolio of clients in Italy and abroad, operating in sectors ranging from agriculture and automotive to healthcare and design, and works with a team of expert and specialised collaborators. Furthermore, it is implementing an industrial plan for the period 2017-2018 which involves significant investments, from the doubling of the building footprint to the insertion of new plant to increase the production capacity considerably.

2017 was a milestone for Gerbaldo Polimeri in projecting the company towards new, increasingly ambitious targets: co-opting new partners, increasing company capital, becoming an S.p.A. (limited company), technological and commercial targets, management of commodity and speciality products, as well as important investment in structure and machinery, are all a clear signal for our partners.
Last but not least the creation of an advanced research laboratory, “Globis Laboratori Srl”, providing support for the development of new materials and their certification.

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Our mission is to supply high quality materials for different typologies of plastic processing, selecting the raw materials obtained from the most important petrochemical industries within and outside the EU.

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