Combination of strengths.

The strength of our company lies in the competence and flexibility of our team,
which dedicates time and care to our clients with synergic commitment.
These priorities have allowed us to reach a prominent position in Italy and abroad,
so that we have progressively increased our clientele
but never forgotten to look after those customers already acquired..

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Tempus fugit..

..But we keep up with the times, we are evolving every day with new technology
and new projects of research and collaboration with Globis Laboratori Srl.
Thanks to our enterprising and dynamic approach
we can tackle changes in the market rapidly to offer solutions to every request..

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Gerbaldo Polimeri has obtained the Second Life Plastic Certification (PSV) on GECO line rotomoulding products, an absolute novelty on the market. GECO are unique and innovative products based on


The Vision of GERBALDO POLIMERI, a company committed since 1985 in the recycling of plastics, identifies the prospect and future of the plastics market in sustainability.



Bifree is the new innovative technology developed by the R&D department of Gerbaldo Polimeri, that allows to obtain self-hygiene objects without using bactericides. 

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